Learn the Secret That Took a Single Mom From Unemployed, Evicted,
and on Welfare to Professional Conference Speaker, Author, National Magazine Contributor, and Mentor to Entrepreneurs at…

Mastermind With Millionaire CEOs for Two Action-Packed Days and Walk Away With Bigger Goals, Actionable Plans, and Complete Confidence to Turn Your Small Business Into
a Thriving Business

Dear Future Successful CEO,

You can build a real business faster than you think is possible without burning yourself out or slipping back into your comfort zone.  If your dream is bigger than just a stand-alone product or single side-hustle, this may be the most important message you ever read.

Don’t let the endless flow of information on how to build a business the right way overwhelm and confuse you!

Have you watched every motivational video, read every business blog, and how-to article, but still struggle with scanty profit and painfully slow growth despite having the makings of a successful entrepreneur?

There are enough free resources on the internet to keep you busy for decades. You could spend the rest of your entrepreneurial career “learning” from free blogs and free articles. My millionaire partners and I all have free content you can learn from. There’s nothing wrong with free content—except when you’re spending too much time wading through all of it to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

The truth is there’s a faster and better way to achieve the success you’ve been dreaming about. You just have to know where to look.

If you dream of being an actual BOSS making boss moves, you need to FIRST correct the mistake 99% of new entrepreneurs make. A critical mistake that practically guarantees your entrepreneur journey will end before it ever really begins. This same mistake prevents entrepreneurs from turning their side hustle into a full time business.

Me & my Joelle

“Weekend Startup School provided with me with some phenomenal tools and strategies to implement in my business. I got information that helped clarify where I needed to improve and gave me resources that I was not aware existed.”
—Felicia M. Tomorrow's Future Coaching and Consulting

“There are tons of initiatives and trainings for entrepreneurship and I’ve attended many. Yet, none have had the quality of attendees and facilitators as Weekend Startup School. The speakers were not only accomplished, but also touchable – in that they were open to continuing the conversation with attendees. I’m excited to continue the relationships that were started that weekend and implement the knowledge shared…”
—Garrett J.

PAUL CARRICK BRUNSON, Mentor, Entrepreneur & Television Host

I became a brand new mother at what seemed like the worst possible time. I was laid off, my unemployment ran out, and I was evicted from my home.

Six weeks later I ended up with a $14,000 car repair bill that was impossible for me to pay.

So I went on government assistance. Welfare. The problem is, it didn’t help my problem. In fact, it made things worse.

I went on tons of interviews with people who said I was overqualified.

I felt stuck in a system that didn’t understand me. I was surrounded by people who expected me to play small when I knew I belonged on a much bigger stage.

Until one day I was watching television and I saw a woman who looked like me. She was a mother like me. And she was working for herself!

I was still on welfare. I didn’t have anything to lose, so I reached out to see if I could help her. Eventually I landed a job writing for her.

Being Around Successful Entrepreneurs
Is What Makes All The Difference

The biggest difference between Mr. Successful CEO and Struggling Side-Hustler is the small space between their ears. And yet most new entrepreneurs are so busy trying to master every tactic and strategy that they miss the most important one.

When You Think Bigger and Create Actionable Plans You Increase The Speed of Your Success Exponentially

Working with Paul led to many new opportunities. I started to mentor entrepreneurs.

I witnessed and experienced true success at a higher level.

I witnessed a different mindset.

I went to NBC for production meetings. I saw the inner-workings of systems that most people on welfare never get the opportunity to see. 

Once I Learned The Specific Mindset and Systematic Plans That CEOs Leveraged, I Went From Welfare Recipient to Speaking at Walt Disney World in 24 Months

Here’s The Real Problem:
Jacked Up Thinking

When you realize that the speed of your success as an entrepreneur has everything to do with specific mindset strategies and actionable plans, everything changes.

Your life and your outlook as a business owner are different.

You’ll want to get around people that help you develop and leverage your own successful mindset strategies and actionable plans.

Successful Entrepreneurs Already Understand This Truth

She couldn’t pay me much in the beginning. But the more money I made for her, the more she paid me.

And then I started working for Paul C. Brunson. Paul is an Oprah Winfrey protégé, national television host, and serial entrepreneur. We started working together after I reached out to Paul with my very general goal of doing well in 2013. Throughout that year Paul became my mentor in my head AND in my inbox as I shared ideas for his company with him and he realized I had a mind for building his brand (or staying true to his brand vision without ever discussing it).

Even though I started off not getting paid, the resources, connections, and mentoring I received from that relationship were, and are, PRICELESS.

Ella Rucker is smart and savvy and really knows how to connect with others to create an environment of cool collaboration. She just "gets it" and more importantly wants YOU to have it too!
—Kim Coles, Comedian, Author, Actress

“I met Ella Rucker at her Mastermind series and it was one of the best things that happened to me this year. I expected a lot and it far exceeded that. Not only were the speakers interesting, which is important, they provided a ton of useful and relevant information that can be implemented in my business.”
—Shavon Smith, Esq. The SJS Law Firm,

About the Millionaire Mastermind Weekend: "Wow."
About Ella Rucker: Ella is a "brain storm warrior."
—Ramon Ray, Personal Branding Expert

Ella Rucker's Millionaire Mastermind Weekend

I’m 100% confident that spending time with successful entrepreneurs and learning the mindset strategies and actionable plans that help them, will help you.

I’ll Be The First To Admit, I’m Not A Millionaire Yet...

And that’s why I hang out with them.

Because we are influenced by the people around us.

Whether we know them or not, whether they have the same ideologies or goals, or whether or not we like them. Their presence in our lives influences what we do, how we do it, and if we get to where we want to go.

So if you want to go to the next level, you have to get around the people who are on that next level.

Which is exactly why I created... 

KARA STEVENS — After ridding herself of $40K of loan debt by creating a new money mindset, Kara, "The Frugal Feminista",  has worked with thousands of women as a writer, coach, consultant, and speaker on helping black women break free from the money blocks and personal hurdles that keep them from being happy, wealthy, and brave. On top of that, she's partnered with a number of brands to spread this message. From Prudential to Chrysler to Dove to Dryel, The Frugal Feminista has worked with quality brands with campaigns that align with our mission: financial empowerment and personal development that is authentic, kind, and thoughtful.

Kara has been interviewed, quoted, and asked to serve as a columnist for a numerous outlets such as Woman’s Day, Black Enterprise, Yahoo Finance, Bitch Media, and

MILLIONAIRE MASTERMIND TOPIC: Eliminating debt so you can focus on your millions.

"This should be used to tell a story and let your users know a little more about your product"

REGGIE MCKIVER — Reggie Mckiver is a Holistic Intuitive & teacher who has a unique gift to be able to ignite instant life transformation by showing you how to clear the energy of your past; push through the obstacles of your present; and get you on the journey to your new reality of living the life that you want. Through eye opening exercises, powerful meditations, one on one sessions and more. Reggie helps you to create a new Life Vision filled with clarity, purpose and possibilities that will increase joy, health, wealth and self fulfillment. Reggie is also a successful Herbalist & Spiritual Mentor and entrepreneur and has served his global clientele for almost 20 years. He truly loves to give you the tools that will change your mindset so you can have the life that you deserve with​ ease & grace.

MILLIONAIRE MASTERMIND TOPIC: Clearing negative thoughts to create room, space, and acceptance of millionaire visions.

Full Name

KIM COLES — Perhaps best known for her five-season turn as the unforgettable "Synclaire" on FOX’s ground- breaking comedy series, Living Single, Kim Coles has starred on numerous hit television programs including Frasier, Six Feet Under, In Living Color, One on One, and the uproarious TBS comedy series 10 Items Or Less as the villainous "Mercy P. Jones." In her latest venture, Kim Coles is combining comedy and inspiration to empower others with her unique program called Open the G.I.F.T.S. Through speaking engagements, live events, workshops and products, the program inspires others to discover their own true "gifts" so that they may share them with the world. Kim Coles currently resides in Los Angeles where she spreads love, laughter and inspiration.

MILLIONAIRE MASTERMIND TOPIC: How and why busy millionaires create time for self care and why it's important for you to start NOW on your road to a millionaire mindset

"This should be used to tell a story and let your users know a little more about your product"

Full Name

Full Name

"This should be used to tell a story and let your users know a little more about your product"

This is your opportunity to  mastermind with Millionaire CEOs and be exposed to a higher level of thinking. The same level of thinking that helped them attain and maintain Millionaire CEO status. When you attend, you’ll discover…

• Exactly How To Shape Your Thoughts, Direct Your Actions, and Avoid Sabotaging Your Success with Negative Talk From Others and Yourself

• The Truth About Small Business Finances and How To Create and Sustain Generational Wealth to Last Long After You’re Gone

• The Importance of Self Care in Your Business Success (You Can’t Have One Without the Other)

• How to Dream Bigger and Never Settle for less than you deserve or what you are capable of becoming

• The Clarity You Need to build authority, create community, and grow a raving fan base that is hungry to buy everything you sell

• How to Create Actionable Plans To Take Your Side Hustle From Scratch to a 6 - 7 Figure Business

These are the lessons our Six Millionaire Mentors discovered when they were exposed to millionaire level thinking. And this is what they are going to share with us over the weekend of March 25 and 26, 2017 in New York City—the place dreams are made of.

Additionally, you’ll get a Customized Vision Board that you’ll create with your new mindset and actionable plans. You’ll also get...

• A private screening of Generation ONE produced by Lamar and Ronnie Tyler which taps into the expertise of the nation’s top financial experts to weigh in not only on how black people have fallen behind financially, but surefire strategies families can implement to begin building a strong financial legacy for generations to come.

• An opportunity to meet with bankers who specialize in Small Business Banking to answer all the questions you’ve had that no one else could answer

• And maybe most importantly, the opportunity to network with and collaborate with other action-oriented entrepreneurs for joint ventures and/or accountability

TRACEY LA'STELL SLATES — Tracey La’Stell Slates is a multi-Emmy ® Award-winning producer,  writer and accomplished national motivational speaker with wide-ranging producing experience that reaches across the television  landscape.  Tracey is a senior producer at T.D. Jakes' and Steve Harvey's shows.   She is a proven leader and sought after media trainer with an  outstanding track record, having trained and managed highly successful production teams, propelling her to a platform where she can share knowledge with countless media professionals.

Slates is a savvy sought after media trainer and national motivational speaker who hosts a

semiannual series for DFI and “Television Talkers.” In her seminar, “Ask Tracey...It’s Not Just Talk,” she gives creative advice on merging social media with other technologies, plus offers on- the-spot problem solving for branding issues and how-to guidance on revamping the public profiles of current and potential television personalities. Slates is excellent at putting together teams of different thinkers to help elevate ideas into high concepts. In addition, Slates is a featured guest for the web-based broadcast series “#MentorMonday” hosted by television personality, author and matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson. Slates gives viewers tips on “How to get yourself or your product on TV."

MILLIONAIRE MASTERMIND TOPIC: Using social media to create the clarity you need to build authority, create community, and grow a raving fan base that is hungry to buy everything you sell.

Meet Your Millionaire Mentors 

Millionaire Mentors Reggie Mckiver and Kim Coles

 talk about how you will get rid of negative self-talk to create your new millionaire reality during 

Ella Rucker's Millionaire Mastermind Weekend

More Millionaire Mastermind Speakers to be Announced in the Coming Weeks! Stay tuned...

You can get the same results in your business by paying one of our Millionaire CEO Mentors their personal mentoring fees which run into the tens of thousands of dollars per day. Hundreds of entrepreneurs already do, and even at that price it is a bargain.

But today you will get access to the mindset strategies and actionable plans of Millionaire CEO Mentors for far less than other people have invested.

Get Millionaire Mastermind Mentoring Results, Without The “Millionaire Mastermind Mentor” Fees


The areas of mindset strategies and actionable plans that will be shared over the weekend are based on the universal laws of human nature, psychology, and achievement, and is the product of hundreds of years of combined entrepreneur experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product, offering a service, consulting, or doing anything else that’s legal.

YES ­ this will work for every legit, serious entrepreneur—you included.

The investment of $397 to attend this weekend is a small price to pay for what you’ll get in return. But I understand what it’s like to be starting out and not have any money. I was on welfare remember.


Only the first 300 Will Have Access

Unfortunately, because of the very hands-on nature of this weekend, only 300 people will be able to attend the Millionaire Mastermind Weekend. Attendees of our past events already know how beneficial this weekend will be. Other successful entrepreneurs understand the value of this weekend.

If you’re a serious entrepreneur looking to explode your business growth in 2017, you need to act now before the price goes up.

I'm ready to invest in FULL! ($397)

I have absolute confidence that you will walk away from Ella Rucker’s Millionaire Mastermind Weekend with increased clarity, bigger thinking, and actionable plans to help you take your business to the million dollar level.

I know because these same lessons have helped my mentors, myself, and my students do just that. I also know that there are a lot of scammers and fakes online—and if somehow you just discovered me, trust doesn’t come easy.

Will This Benefit Every Entrepreneur?

Today I’m going to make it easy.

I’m going to remove any risk, or any reason to hesitate and miss this incredible opportunity to accelerate your success. When you invest in yourself today, you’re protected with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If at any time you aren’t 100% satisfied in every way with your experience on the first day of the Millionaire Mastermind Weekend, you’re free to leave and I will refund your full purchase price.

No questions asked. No hassle. No pushback. Or if you stay the whole weekend and don’t get the clarity, thinking, and plans you expected, I’ll personally mentor you after the weekend to make sure you get what you came for.

I'm ready to invest! ($397)

If you continue to build your business by trial and error, with old mindsets and jacked up plans, you will continue to be frustrated and never reach the success you’re capable of.

You’ll continue to experience unnecessary pain, and slow growth. Eventually you may give up on your dream, like so many other entrepreneurs have already.

But there’s another option.

You can take one small step today, and change your life and your business for the better. You can sign up to attend Ella Rucker’s Millionaire Mastermind Weekend, come hang out with Millionaire CEOs and become the successful entrepreneur you know you’re meant to be. When you do, you’ll find the stress of struggling in your business fade away, and instead, begin to enjoy all that comes with developing a millionaire mindset.

All it takes is that first step. The decision is yours. Click the button now and join us.


What Will Happen If You Do Nothing For Your Business Today?

I'm ready to invest in FULL! ($397)

Ella Rucker's Millionaire Mastermind Weekend

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